Jagannathdham.in brings  an e-platform for the all the devotees of Lord Jagannath and researchers on Jagannath culture around the globe.  We believe Lord Jagannath signals the covergence of all faiths and beliefs , and therefore our team’s objective is to bring the devotees of  the Supreme Judge Lord Jagannath much closure by leveraging the information technology  and creating a devotional ecosystem to meet the expectation of the tourists/devotees visiting Puri temple.

This website will serve as a one-stop devotee care center.

This website will  contains

  1. Information on Jagannath Temple  and Puja timing.
  2. Nabakalebar festivals and its rituals
  3. Live Updates from the Puri
  4. Spiritual events at Puri
  5. Information for devotees visiting Puri.
  6. Local information