The main bus station (224461) is near Gundicha Mandir, frequent buses serve Konark (30 minutes), Satapada (3 hours) and Bhubaneswar (2 hours).

For Pipli and Raghurajpur, take the Bhubaneswar bus.

For other destinations change at Bhubaneswar.


Book well ahead if travelling during holiday and festival times.

  • The Purushottam Express No 2801 travels to Delhi (non-AC sleeper/3AC sleeper/2AC sleeper Rs 501/1354/1924, 32 hours, 8.15pm)
  • The Puri-Howrah Express No 2838 (Rs 247/641/895, nine hours, 7.35pm) and the Sri Jaganath Express (Rs 227/611/865, 10 hours, 10.15pm).
  • The Neelachal Express No 2875 goes to Varanasi (Rs 377/1005/1421, 21 hours, 10.40am), continuing to Delhi on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.
  • To Sambalpur, the Puri-Sambalpur Express No 8304 (2nd class/chair Rs 105/356, six hours, 4.30pm) is best.