Tales of Lord Jagannath

Author: Ramendra Kumar

About: According to Ramen, Jagannath Culture is not merely a religious belief; it is a way of life. The tales associated with Lord Jagannath form a fascinating treasure trove of myth, legend, folklore and history. This book on Jagannath culture includes unique tales which portray Jagannath culture as a way of life with contemporaty relevance and not merely a religious belief.

Though these stories have been around for generations, mostly in oral form, they were yet to find a place in any anthology in English, especially for children. This book seeks to fill the gap, said Ramen, who over the last decade has been doing research on Jagannath Consciousness and has presented papers on the theme both in India and abroad.

The book is an engrossing anthology of tales filled with magic and mystery, dedication and devotion, courage and conviction, faith and freedom.