Wider Roads Around Jagannath Temple for Puri Pilgrims’ Movement

Land surrounding the Jagannath temple here will be acquired to widen the existing roads so that pilgrims can have free movement during the Nabakalebara festival.

While work on making Grand Road encroachment-free is already on, it has been decided that existing 20-ft roads around three sides of the temple will be made 30-ft wide.

The decision was taken at the year’s first meeting of the managing committee of Sri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA).

Members of the committee approved acquisition of land belonging to various mutts for widening of the roads.

The compensation amount for the land acquired will be kept in a joint account in bank in the name of the mutt concerned and temple managing committee. Interest accruing from the deposit will be spent on development of the mutt concerned.

One thought on “Wider Roads Around Jagannath Temple for Puri Pilgrims’ Movement

  1. Nrusingha panda says:

    The small vendors and shop owner s are faced very problem

    But the odisha govt no action taken for resettled them,
    So I request to management chief Sri suresh ch. Mahapatra.
    Keep a helpful plans for affected families.

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