Daru of Lord Balabhadra reaches Koili Baikuntha in Puri

‘Daru’ (holy wood) for Lord Balabhadra’s idol reaches ‘Koili Baikuntha’ through the north gate of Jagannath Temple in Puri on Tuesday.

The daru began its journey on a specially made sagadi to Puri from Goddess Sarala shrine in Jagatsinghpur a week ago.The sagadi moved only during night from Saturday to avoid traffic congestion.

Koili Baikuntha

On Monday evening, the sagadi reached Alamchandi temple and thousands of devotees pulled the sagadi of Lord Balabhadra from Alamchandi temple on Tuesday early morning. The sagadi was later taken to the Singhadwara of the temple from where it was taken to the Uttara Dwara (north gate). The sagadi was eventually taken to Koili Baikuntha after the temple servitors performed the rituals of the daru.

Daru of Lord Balabhadra

As the holy wood continued its journey towards Puri town, thousands of devotees braved the scorching heat for Daru dashan throughout the way. Many were seen anxiously waiting to touch the cart on which it was transported towards Puri temple.

Lord Balabhadra’s Daru

In some places, the devotees had spread colourful new clothes on the road and sprinkled flowers on them to allow the cart roll on it. The clothes are considered auspicious and are used on special pujas, it is believed.

welcome of maha daru

Work on the idols will start on June 5 at Koili Baikuntha garden inside the Jagannath Temple. On the midnight of June 15, the new idols will be taken to the sanctum sanctorum, where a ‘secret ritual’ for transformation of soul (Ghata Paribartan) from the old to the new bodies will be performed.

balabhadra daru darshan

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