Documentary on Jagannath Culture ‘Debata Hoeele Maraee’ Released

Debata Hoeele Maraee or Divine Death – a two part documentary film based on Lord Jagannath’s Nabakalebara. Made in both Odia & English, Debata Hoeele Maraee is a product of month long research and analysis.

Odia version of Debata Hoeele Maraee

Based on Eminent writer & columnist Dr. Bibudharanjan’s research & script, the film is treated with care, precision, emotion and creativity. While the original script is written by Dr. Bibudharanjan, the smooth transition of Odia to English language of this complex material is prepared by senior English journalist Shree Sandeep Sahu.

English version of Debata Hoeele Maraee

Since Lord Jagannath’s Nabakalebara is a secret ritual which is not vastly allowed to be shot on camera, the script is wonderfully visualized and presented in a creative way by director Sanjay Kanungo and Gurujee Swetachandan.

This first part of the film which deals with the concept of Nabakalebara and its relation to both humanity and divinity will have its second part released in the July 2015.

This film which is most ambitious project of Lighthouse, is telecasted as a television documentary series on Zee Kalinga from May 02 this year. The documentary is now available on YouTube.

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